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All classes have been temporaily discontinued. 


For the gentle arts and enlightenment
Namasté Yoga provides a tranquil classroom environment offering mixed level instruction directed toward achieving a total mind and body experience.
Our certified instruction emphasises:
a. the whole body - Stretches and exercises that stimulate, tone and strengthen all of the muscle groups, internal organs and glands.
b. flexibility and balance
c. proper breathing techniques
d. relaxation/ meditation
Classes are kept small to allow for individual attention and yet large enough for comraderie without competition.
Class  partcipation does not require prior yoga experience nor unique athletic capability. Postures are presented in a basic format for beginners with optional progressions for our more advanced students. Extreme postures are not presented in our classes.

Please join us. Yoga can change the way that you look at life...forever.

manage stress • breathe • relax • meditate
stretch • tone • strengthen
Namasté Yoga  • Phone: 330-477-1496